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Why Advertise With Us?

Dragqueendivas Inc. reaches our LGBTQ consumers each year through the dragqueendivas.com site and a combination of social media, public relations and LGBTQ partner sites. Site visitors trust our brand and, by extension, those advertisers who partner with us.

  • Dragqueendivas.com is aiming to be the largest global online resource for our LGBTQ Drag community. Visitors will rely on Dragqueendivas.com for the latest information about the LGBTQ Drag Community.
  • Dragqueendivas delivers an audience of savvy clientele  with disposable income
  • Dragqueendivas.com harnesses the power of social media, online and offline strategic alliances and public relations to engage with the Drag audience and promote the Art of Drag.
  • Dragqueendivas.com employ cutting edge SEO and SEM techniques.
  • Dragqueendivas Inc. is a young, ambitious, innovative company which is consistently developing new concepts to promote The Art of Drag and those partner companies.
  • LGBTQ users spend 57% more time online than their straight counterparts
  • LGBTQ consumers rely upon third party sites to actively research whether a company is gay-friendly.
  • 58% of LGBTQ adults were more likely “to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to LGBTQ.

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